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CSR News

  • 28.02.2020

    107 villagers undergo eye-checkup at a camp in Yakubpur

  • 22.02.2020

    Reliance gives monetary assistance to Yakubpur and Badli villages for the construction of Community Centres

  • 21.02.2020

    124 women attend Gynae-camp held by Reliance in Dadri Toe

  • 01.02.2020

    Reliance holds an Eye-camp in Fatehpur

  • 24.01.2020

    60 women and adoloscent girls undergo Gynae check-up in Lohat

  • 23.01.2020

    Reliance stages an Eye-camp in Lagarpur

  • 18.01.2020

    In Ladpur 104 persons undergo dental check-up in a camp held by Reliance

  • 16.01.2020

    130 villagers attend Eye-camp in Dariyapur